Formway Life Chair

Formway wanted to develop the world’s best task chair and was prepared to research the ergonomics behind good sedentary support to achieve this.  Development of a new task chair for the world furniture market needed to feature more than superior ergonomics, it had to be aesthetically compelling , be environmentally responsible and launched in a time frame that would capitalise on the advances made with the new design. Recognising that some furniture development is evolutionary rather than revolutionary Formway knew it could have a bigger impact if its ideas were developed to hit the market fast.  By setting up a core team to carry the design intent through the project, additional skills could be brought in to accelerate certain areas of the development. Exactus was contracted to manage specific parts of the Life Chair project that included concept and detail design. Exactus helped manage the peak workloads and provided additional skills and knowledge to enhance the process. By assigning up to four Exactus Staff to the Life Project, Formway was able to run other strategic design projects concurrently. During its launch at NeoCon 2002, the Life chair won the prestigious “Best of Neocon” Gold Award and it still remains a popular choice in the task chair market today.

Formway Life chair


Quansol Mitre System

Quansol approached Exactus with the idea of developing a new mitre box that could be used specifically by the tiling industry. The new product includes key features that make it a preferred solution within the industry for cutting tile trim.  Features include an easy clamp system, accommodates a variety of extrusions, durable, lightweight and cost competitive.  Exactus managed the design and development of this product through to manufacture including the evaluation of working prototypes. This product is now sold worldwide under the Quansol Brand.

Quansol mitre system


Other Project Work Experience

Due to confidentiality we are unable to publicly disclose information about some recent projects, but in general terms recent work includes projects in the following industries:

  • Electronics enclosures (IP rated)
  • Postal sorting systems
  • Commercial window and door hardware systems
  • RFID systems
  • Mechanical alignment systems for specialist optical equipment
  • Point of purchase systems
  • Hand held enclosures
  • Commercial furniture
  • Food processing machinery

Please contact us to discuss the feasibility of working with Exactus in connection with any project you may have under consideration.